From 3 Months To 1 Week

We help you to shorten the validation time of your product. Instead of spending 3 months in building a complete Product, you can spend 1 week in building a Prototype. And when you have your first customer, you complete your development and turn your Prototype into a Product ready for market.

Get Started with UIQT™
Posting a prototype on is FREE. Once you submit your prototype, our team will review it and if it fulfills the quality guidelines and your prototypes has the needed functionalities of a Minimum Viable Product, it will get posted into the site.
UIQt™ only charges a transatction fee of 10% from any sale made through this platform.

Get Your First Customers

We provide you with the platform you need to get your first customers. We have an active customer base that is looking for your products.

Submit Your Prototype
When the customer decides to buy the first license from the Prototype stage of your product, he will fund the amount for the first license installment into the Escrow and at that moment you can implement the final product. You will need to commit to a timeframe when your customer will be able to use the final product. When development is complete and the customer approves it, money will be released to you.
You will own all rights over the product and you will be able to sell unlimited licenses for it.

Licensing Management

One unique feature that we offer is a complete management of the licenses for your software. This includes the ability to choose a licensing model (trial, membership, one time payment, installments, etc.) for each product and to be able to accepts payments online from your customers.

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UIQt™ only charges a transaction fee of 10% from any sale made through this platform.